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Who We Are

What do you want to be remembered for?

Huge success in business, helping others, raising a loving family, or something else?

In the summer of 2004, I came back from an international business trip.

Yet another business trip where I would just go through the motions, or at least I thought so.

Back then, I couldn’t have imagined it was going to be the trip that started the next big chapter of my life.

But when I came back home to Istria, I knew one thing for sure.

“I want freedom”, were the first words I said to my wife Nina, before my bags even managed to hit the ground.

Her lips formed a big smile, as she was approaching to wrap me in a massive hug.

She knew exactly what I meant.

At that very moment, the Maris Agency was born.

You might be thinking, “How the hell do freedom and running an agency go hand in hand?”, but let me explain in a moment.

For us, freedom means the sea.

It means the charming stone houses, the home-made olive oil, the rolling red hills, short distance to ski resorts, and the lively summer days under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

But it also means doing business with clients that we actually enjoy working with.

We are not a big agency, and that’s for a reason.

Not only do we love working in a family atmosphere with our team, but also working closely with our clients, who later become a part of our extended Maris family.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it might be the main reason why we truly LOVE what we do. And isn’t that the essence of true freedom?

Our goal is for Istria to become a home for positive people with a big heart, for different nationalities and cultures, who will cherish the beauty it has to offer...The stories it has to tell for those who are willing to listen.

We know that finding a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. And our specialty is helping you find that piece of freedom for yourself, while taking away the aches and pains that come along with it.

Over the years, we have seen highs and lows in every international property market. We’ve run into so many roadblocks, and asked so many questions, that we kept on extending our offer to serve you better.

To deliver a completely personalised approach, and cover all the aspects, so you can get the best possible outcome.

Meanwhile, we knew that turning into a giant agency means giving up on a high-quality, customised service we’d like to be remembered for. And that was not the compromise we were willing to accept.

The only reason why we are still in business after nearly two decades, is because we deeply care about our clients, and their needs.

Because every day, we try to be a bit better. To listen a bit more. To help whenever and whoever we can. And ultimately, to treat people the same way we’d like to be treated.

I once heard that the meaning of life is the number of people who benefited from your existence.

That’s something I was amazed by, and that has been stuck with me to this very day.

That mantra became my guiding philosophy.

And without any doubt, that’s something I’d like to be remembered for.

Maris means sea, but for us, it also means family.

And family is what makes a house a home.

We love this philosophy so much that we applied it to the Maris agency itself. Having it any other way simply wouldn’t feel right.

Team member

Aljoša Vučetić

Loves people with a big heart, Istrian nature, and is passionate about stone houses.

Maris is where he belongs, and he’d like to help you find a place to belong, too.

Team member

Agent Blue

Trained property hunter with a good nose for hidden gems properties and the best deals.

It even says so on his collar.

Team member

Nina Vučetić

Professional homemaker.

While the rest of us are sometimes chasing trivialities, she knows what matters most.

Team member

Darko Smoljan

Client-oriented, and straight-forward - whether you like it or not. But don’t let that scare you away, Mario has a big heart and a cheerful spirit.

You might call him for hunting down your property, or simply when you’re feeling down. :)

Team member

Martina Bognar

Human calendar. She knows who, what, when, where & why.

How does she keep track of everything that’s going on in this agency? We have no idea.

Team member

Ljubinka Jan

Everybody has their thing. Hers is creativity.

She is the mastermind behind our best ideas.

Company ID

Company Details

Maris d.o.o. za poslovanje nekretninama, građenje i turistička agencija 

Abbreviated company name
Maris d.o.o.

Marijanijeva 11, Pula

Trgovački sud u Rijeci - stalna služba u Pazinu

Identification number:
MBS 040200974

Tax Code:
OIB 27168467388

Share Capital:
269.000,00 kn

Board Members:
Aljoša Vučetić CEO, 
Ekaterina Chumak-Zhun member of the Bord

Legal Form:
Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Professional liability insurer:
Croatia Osiguranje d.d.

Bank Details

Zagrebačka Banka d.d.

Bank Account IBAN:


Real Estate Licences

Register of real estate agents:
Entry in Register under no. 50/2010

Permanently employed people enrolled in the list of agents
Licence number 43/2010  Aljoša Vučetić, prof. 

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