The construction of low-energy building

In fall 2013. we started with the construction of the first low-energy building in area Veruda in Pula. Energy certification became a standard procedure in building construction since the Croatia joined European Union and it is also spread in all developed countries. This is a good opportunity for all the buyers who care about ecology, sustainable construction, and high quality and healthy home. Our building has excellent thermal isolation, smart ventilation and uses renewable energy sources and sophisticated systems for heating and cooling.

Building has only three high quality apartments with sound isolation, which guarantees complete privacy. All materials and equipment are of high-class materials (stone, hardware, exotics floor coverings, Italian quality tiles, superior sanitary equipment, quality aluminum and PVC joinery, security doors, water filter for whole building etc.). Buyer can modify interior and equipment during the construction.

Villa Veruda can reduce energy consumption up to 75% compared to conventional buildings.