Price list of energy certification

How to get energy certificate for your real-estate?

Dialing the number +385 52 501 333 or contacting our email: you will 
need to submit additional information about your flat or building:

type of real-estate (flat, house, building or other)
real-estate address
size of the real-estate (in sqm)
information about property owner (full name, address, email)
In shortest time we will inspect energy qualification of your real estate and 
issue the energy certificate. 

In order to fasten up the whole process, it's necessary to obtain following documents (if there is any):

architectural plan
For all information and arrangements related to obtaining energy certificate contact us with confidence on telephone number: 052 / 501 333 or mobile phone number: 091/1900-190 (country code +385)

Who is exempt from obligation of energy certificate?

Energy certificate of a building, regarding its special part it's not issued for building, regarding its special part for which isn't needed the usage of energy for maintaining the internal projected temperature in accordance with the purpose. 

Energy certificate is not issued for a building which has usage time 2 years or less, for building with religious purpose, for a building with total usable area less than 50 sqm (m2), and for industry buildings, workshops and non residential agricultural buildings with low energy needs.

Price list of energy certification

a) flats and business spaces:

In existent buildings:

area 50 – 100 sqm = 2.000,00 kn
area 100 – 250 sqm = 2.500,00 kn
area larger than 250 sqm = 10 kn/sqm
In new buildings: 

area 50 – 100 m2 = 1.200,00 kn
area 100 – 250 m2 = 1.500,00 kn
area larger than 250 m2 = 6 kn/sqm
b) residential and commercial buildings:


area till 250 sqm = 3.000,00 kn
area 250 – 400 sqm = 4.000,00 kn
area larger than 400 m2 = 10 kn/sqm

area till 250 m2 = 1.500,00 kn
area 250 – 400 m2 = 2.000,00 kn
area larger than 400 m2 = 5 kn/sqm

travel expenses en route to 50 km are included in the price
rates may be further increased depending on the complexity of heating and cooling systems. Investitor will be informed in timely manner.
the price includes VAT

50% in advance, which means accepting the offer, 50% upon submitting the certificate to the client.
Available discount for multiple certificates