Operating licence for buildings (stone houses )  built before 1968.

The new Construction Law came into force on 1 January 2014. It implemented some changes in proving that the building recorded before 15 February 1968 was thus completely legal. Before this modified Law, legality of buildings built before 1968 was most often based on the Certificate issued by land registry offices. In case that the land registry office didn't have a record of the building, the verification was made based on the Certificate of construction time issued by competent authority for construction. Today, for all buildings built before 1968 only one act is needed – the Operating licence, issued by the Office for Urban Planning and Construction based on insight into the State aerial photography and other cartographic substrates by the State Geodetic Administration from that period or, if necessary, other relevant evidence as an assessment and verification made by a court expert.
Besides the existing excerpt of the floor area, the Operating licence also describes the entire facility just as it was built before the mentioned date: number and type of floors, external size of the aboveground and underground parts, location on partition, building purpose etc.
Operating licence for buildings built before 1968. All processes of obtaining the operating licence that had begun before 1968 will be proceeded according to the old law.