Pula Region

Ližnjan - Marčana - Medulin - Pula - Vodnjan

Cultural and historical sites in this area date back to three thousand years ago - since the Argonauts, Histrians, Romans, Venetians and Austria. These numerous monuments, which are harmoniously intertwined tell their story – a story of ancient times in the south of Istria, which today harmoniously intertwines with urban life and modern architecture.

As the largest city in the County of Istria  Pula stands out. This cultural and historical city, brings unique buildings of ancient architecture at every step, certainly the most notable being the Roman amphitheatre – the Arena. During the year, besides classical  tourist visits, many events are held there such as concerts, operas, ballets and theater and film festivals, most notably the "Pula Film Festival". In the old city, in synergy with the Roman Golden Gate, temples and the Forum  there are also Austrian buildings and structures of modern architecture that stretch along the Pula harbour.   If we move along the harbour, northwest of Pula, Fazana will welcome us. This former fishing village is now a decorated top destination with an excellent tourist offer throughout the year and the starting point for the Brijuni Islands, which are just across the sea. In a vicinity of Fazana is Peroj – a Montenegrin enclave, which is experiencing a boom, because of the newly developed beach with numerous facilities, and partly because of the unspoiled peace it provides. One of the most picturesque towns is certainly Vodnjan with its grandiose church and bell tower, which contains well-preserved relics. If you go north of Pula, you will enter a quiet agricultural - fishing - tourism  zone of Liznjan that will delight you with its nature and indented coastline with many wild beaches that stretch all the way to Sisan and Medulin. Medulin is one of the pioneers of tourism in this area, which brings to its tourists and locals a rich offer and contents, a daily and nightly entertainment program and clean sandy beaches.   At the very south of the Istrian peninsula is the place Premantura on whose territory the Nature Park Kamenjak stretches for miles with its beautiful beaches and unique turquoise sea.

Top properties in Pula Region

ID 2537
Flat, 67 m2
  • 67 m²
  • 2
  • 1.2 km
  • Northwest
  • 1
ID 2534
Land, m2
  • 510 m²
  • 900 m
  • South
ID 2530
Flat, 98 m2
  • 98 m²
  • 2
  • 3.7 km
  • Southwest
  • 1